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On Wednesday morning, the jury saw pictures from the scene captured by state investigators.

"We were limited in what we could do due to circumstances around the area," Martinez said. I observed the firearm and at that point, we made eye contact.

It was an emotional scene in the Sumner County courtroom Tuesday morning as a Hendersonville detective showed the blood-stained clothes 11-year-old Timea Batts was wearing when she was shot and killed last August.

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Dominique Heaggan-Brown, a former Milwaukee police officer has been charged with first degree reckless homicide in the case.

Wednesday marked the first day of the trial with witness testimony.

Prosecutors say in the 1.69 seconds that followed, Smith tossed away the gun and was shot a second time from close range, causing the fatal chest wound. The footage also makes it clear, even in real time, Smith is on the ground when he's shot the second time.

Heaggan-Brown allegedly told investigators after the shooting he feared Smith was reaching for a second weapon, prompting him to shoot Smith again.

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