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Then the next day i see she unfriends me and hides her friend list.Is this something i should feel worry/hurt about it?Surprisingly, inspite of your nature of deep sleep, you are able to wake up everytime your baby cries for milk or at times of colic attack. And even though, you got two yaya’s for them, you make sure to spend time with them everyday, no matter how tired you are.

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[Mobile] mobile phone 114 (free), 1588-0010 (charge) [Internet / TV / phone] landline phone (no area code) 100, mobile phone (area code) 100 Olleh English Website: can we Help?

From within Korea: (Tel)02-2190-1180, (Mobile)1583 From outside of Korea: 82-1588-8448, 82-31-390-7111 Ole Shop Customer Center 080-515-9000 (Free of charge) Pre-call Weekdays ~ (Mobile consultation is until Home service consultation is until ), Saturday ~ (Mobile only consultation) In January 2011, KT launched unified brand "Olleh" for both fixed-line and cellular broadband services.

I would have probably asked the helper do the cooking for me instead!

But your justification says, it is your major contribution for the day as a mother since you’ll be out for work the whole day.

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