are kellyanne and wes still dating - Dating a graduate student as undergrad

It is not the days of John Nash where you can go around dating your students, so people you meet through TA'ing are out.

Your pretty much isolated in your own department, which rules out another source.

I use to (and still do) run through all those rich FOB Asians from college.

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Always worth a shot, especially if you have a true interest in learning.

musicians tend to be insane and anal, but are very often hot.#3 I looked up the cooking club to maybe brush up on cooking if there were hot bored chicks drinking margs and making food.

There will be people in other departments, working on various masters degrees, Ph Ds, JDs, MBAs, etc.

Not to mention undergrads (unless you feel that's off limits for you) and not to mention people you meet who aren't in college (such as recent grads).

It would especially be true for two people trying to get into academics, as it is unlikely for both to get academic jobs at the same or nearby schools of equal stature.