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The Fugitive TV show was a 60 minute drama series on ABC about a Doctor by the name of Richard Kimble who came home one day to find his wife had been murdered. The Fugitive TV show was his biggest success on TV with five seasons and 120 episodes from 1963 to 1967.

He saw a one-armed man who was obviously the murderer fleeing from his home but the police wouldn't listen to his story. Proved guilty, what Richard Kimble could not prove was that moments before discovering his wife's body, he encountered a man running from the vicinity of his home. Seven years after The Fugitive ended, David starred on another series titled, "Harry O" which ran for 2 seasons and 46 episodes.

They come from diverse backgrounds, including a former gang member-turned criminal defense attorney and his girlfriend, a pastor’s daughter; a former Miss South Carolina USA and her real estate agent fiancée; a pair of moms hoping to use the prize money to make life better for each of their family’s children; and an escape room business owner and his best friend.

That record held for 13 years until the "Dallas TV Show" episode where the person who shot J.

Angels Travel on Lonely Roads - Part 2 (2/25/1964) 24.

CBS’ new competition series “Hunted” follows nine teams of two people in a real-life manhunt as they attempt to evade capture in today’s vast digital world.

Meanwhile, highly skilled investigators are hot on their trail, combining state-of-the-art tracking methods with traditional tactics to capture them, such as scouring cell phone histories, identifying behavioral patterns, searching homes and more.

Every law enforcement agency was looking for him and one police Lieutenant was even spending his full time tracking the Fugitive down like a wild animal and bringing him back to the death chamber! Doctor Richard Kimble (The Fugitive) Barry Morse ............. He didn't take the role on the "Gunsmoke TV Show" because he felt that he was to fat for audiences to accept him as a tough guy.