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To get what would hopefully be a new major franchise started, Lucas turned to the husband and wife writing team he had worked with years earlier on was just barely tolerable. The Duckworld setting is so heavily detailed, it’s beyond impressive.You might have to get a few drinks into them, but rest assured. As much as I like Short Round, he would really only belong in this series if William S. Every little detail of Howard’s apartment has been Duckified.

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Even parts of his apartment that are only passed over for a few seconds are filled with Ducky goodness.

Including his time as a Duck Pot Grower, apparently.

His movement and voice work, combined with a fairly disturbing make-up progression, make his gradual change into a monster a little unnerving.

It has genuinely nasty gross-out moments that probably helps cement this film in the hearts of the freaked out kids who saw it when they were little. The less said about Tim Robbins’ performance as Phil Blumburtt, the better.

We really get a glimpse of Howard’s entire life in those few short moments. He flies through the walls of his apartment building, busting through the bedroom of an older Duck couple and the bathroom of a nude lady-Duck who is apparently too busy masturbating to notice the destruction. And as tasteless and weird as that sounds, it gave me hope.