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“The outcome is not at all certain,” he said, putting emphasis on the fact that Assad is “not close to defeat.” He also noted that “regime change has been the policy of this government from the start” and said the U. recognizes the Syrian Opposition Coalition as the legitimate government of Syria, but “there is nothing in international” law that declares the Syrian Opposition Coalition to be the legitimate government of Syria. but when somebody says our national security is threatened, then it is time to call up our troops in a draft. And if you cannot find it in your heart to step forward and make some sacrifice then we should not be involved.” Asked what should be done if Obama follows through with military intervention in Syria, Jones said charges of impeachment must be brought.

Regarding to the situation in Syria, Lang, the former deputy director for military attachés and operations, said there is “a great deal of exaggeration going on” in the media’s coverage and portrayal of the events. relations with Russia, the main supporter of the Assad regime, would be affected by U. intervention, both Jones and Rangel admitted that they had no idea. S.-Russian clash over Syria is “very much on the minds of the Russian political and military elite.” He added, “Syria is a slippery slope.” Rangel said: “I am just as patriotic as the next guy …

Poster is unkind to his mild-mannered son upon Ephraim's return.

He is unaware that the boy and Jenny were once sweethearts and that Jenny is again flirting with Ephraim behind her husband's back.

You've killed your father." He becomes a hopeless drunk, hating her and speaking freely about her deceitful ways.