Dating dossier style

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Who decided to make the first story most viewers will see in the series one where the British Prime Minister has sex with a pig?

If you’re bingeing Season 4, what’s the emotional impact of swooping from the kitschy “USS Callister” to the bleak “Arkangel” to the even bleaker “Crocodile” to an episode like “Hang the DJ”—a segue that needs a Monty Python–esque disclaimer of, “And now for something completely different”?

The memo also alleges that the Trump campaign was engaged in a well-orchestrated collusion campaign with Russian operatives.

July: Chatter began appearing on social media referring to damning information about Trump’s ties to Russia.

It also claims that Trump was cultivated and supported by Russia for five years before he was elected and that his contacts met with Kremlin representatives.