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President Calvin Coolidge, who was in office between 19. In the third grade, I did a report on Calvin Coolidge, and I remember—after doing all the research—thinking that he wasn’t very impressive and that I should’ve picked Lincoln.” There are enough presidents out there these days that it’s likely many people are distantly related to them somehow, but it's pretty cool to have a close enough connection that you still share the same, instantly recognizable surname.

A little less cool if you don’t even think the guy is all that interesting yourself.

We had a good, long read across the length and breadth of the internet and dipped out the interesting facts so that you don’t have to go to all of that effort.

Here are 15 things you didn’t know about Jennifer Coolidge – and didn’t realize until now that you wanted to!

Still, we can’t choose our family – at not least those born before us! Well, first of all, it’s pretty interesting to find someone who is allergic to glue, of all things.