Morten harket dating

Thankfully, seven years of osmosis had made me pretty conversant in a-ha, so I was able to hold up my end of the interview.

Although I'm still not sure what to make of some of Harket's responses. again, you asked me if I that it does, and it's what I feel.

"The regrettable part of it was to, in many ways, to let down so many people that had worked, believing in us here, and being right about it....

But after that, there was - what can you tell anyone? And then to have a lukewarm continuation here, is not very interesting to anyone." I've got to admit, it was a ballsy move, and probably the right one, because -- did I mention this already? Since a-ha are known for one song in the States, I asked Morten which one song from their catalog he'd choose to be remembered for, if he had the choice.

After my up-close-and-personal time with Morten, seeing them onstage felt a little anticlimactic.