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I expected him to name some obscure album track from a more recent a-ha album, but to my surprise, he said, "Oh, I'm fine with ["Take On Me"].

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When a band that's sold 40 million records worldwide tours America for the first time in 25 years, that's big news.

And when they're doing it as part of their year-long farewell tour, that's even bigger news.

She loves them so much that one time, when I was telling her about a heavily-hyped new band I liked, she said, completely without sarcasm, "So what's the deal with these guys?

" A-ha had a couple of other minor hits in the States in the late '80s, and then completely faded from sight here, and from my memory as well.

Thankfully, seven years of osmosis had made me pretty conversant in a-ha, so I was able to hold up my end of the interview.