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C ages from terrestrial plants avoid some problems with other materials.

Bulk sediment samples and samples of aquatic plants or animals such as the carbonate shells of clams, snails, and ostracodes may yield ages that are too old because of how carbon was fixed by the organism and the potential for the incorporation of “old” carbon from a water body.

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One must also remember that all plant fossils are in some state of decay, which can introduce contaminants.

Most often contamination is the result of younger material added to a sample in a particular field setting.

Several circumstances are required for a valid calibration of varve sequences using C ages.

An important preliminary requirement for an accurate calibration is that the varves being studied should be exactly matched to a varve chronology or they should be measured and have there own numbering system.

Most plant fossils found in glacial lake sediment are from terrestrial sources.

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