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The most important thing before arranging a get together is knowing well who you’re going out with.

It’s common that people in Dubai expect dates, specially the first one, to be something extravagant and sometimes extremely expensive.

Whether people are looking for a quick romance or for husband/wife material, there are many ways to meet people.

lol After planting and diggin in clay yesterday, I could sure use one! And as I can't even begin to imagine anyone more perfect for me, I'm glad I never pulled any cheesy playboy-wannabe moves on her when we dated. Normally, it would be a big NO for me....when I think back, my last relationship had a hot tub first date.

The situation though, was that it was a long distance relationship, we had been emailing for months and already felt a bond, and he had flown over 2,000 miles for this 5 day first date.

For those single and ready to mingle, Dubai can be a the perfect city for one to meet the love of their life.

With such a vast mix of nationalities and backgrounds, this is the land of multi-cultural couples.

Knowing your date’s personality is important in order not to appear either cheap or too arrogant.