Technorati not updating

Information for one of the three blogs I have registered with them (this one) was majorly wacky.I just received an email from Technorati support saying they made a “small adjustment” and everything should be working now. My latest posts are up there, showing my index as updated 6 hours ago rather than 393 days.My Technorati claim code is : FGTMYDEFAC39 Technorati is a blog search engine and the claim code is given to you when you register or claim a blog on the site.

technorati not updating-24

I emailed them just yesterday, so I’m impressed with their response time.

Hopefully the problem is truely solved and I won’t be needing “small adjustments” on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about upgrading, call 1 (800) 774-7085 ext.

3, use Live Chat, or email Fishbowl support at [email protected]

You’ll find a couple of my comments in there as well. And here I was hoping to trick ’em again and click on giberrish! At this point…what the hell have I got to lose by trying again? It should come as no surprise that there was no “English” option.