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No wonder so many women are so unhappy." I told her that one of the rarest qualities to find in a young woman today—at least towards eligible men—was kindness.

So many men are simply starving for kindness from a woman but so often find sarcasm and cynicism instead.

We all know that women have a need, especially in marriage, to be reassured that they are loved and cherished—they want to hear it.

And a man who thinks that his love ought to be self-evident is thought to be rather obtuse in these matters.

According to the encyclical of Pope Pius XI, Castii Connubbii, the wife can and ought to claim the primacy of love in the home, as the husband claims primacy of authority. So, far from playing games, the maintenance of this delicate and glorious dance between the sexes is all important, and often calls for special wisdom, the shrewdness of love, from the woman. O'Leary recommends a book called Fascinating Womanhood by Helen B. This book attempts to explain to women how men view love relationships, what they really want and need out of them.