Actor keanu reeves dating

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Keanu Reeves looked happy with the beautiful slender lady beside him. It was in news everywhere when they two walked out of the airport in Tokyo.

The 51 year old actor seems to be happy with the new lady in his life. It was very evident that they both seemed really happy. He is a very humble and kind man who believes in investing his money in charity. He believes in fulfilling the artist inside him than getting a huge pay cheque.

He was also seen in the movie Bram Stroker’s Dracula. This led to a breakup between the two as it caused a lot of sadness in their life. He is known for doing some excellent roles in movies. He has appeared in short films and commercials as well.

His best works were in Speed, Point Break, John Wick and Constantine. The couple were having a very troubled relationship before she died. They also had a child together but the child was stillborn. Keanu Reeves was born in Lebanon and he is a tall and handsome man.

Reeves is also known being a musician, as he worked for Dogstar and Becky bands for almost a decade.