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I've had a look through my bouquet and can only find the following matches: BBC ALBA - 1:0:0:A0000:0:0:0 BBC Parliament 1:0:43:7FE:A0000:0:0:0 Clubland TV 1:0:1: C6BF:969:A0000:0:0:0 BBC News 1:0:05:7FF:2::11A0000:0:0:0 By the way have the changes for Watch HD and Dave HD been done as I checked this morning and still no EPG info.

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So in my example above Nat Geo had Python Hunters listed this morning but it was the Shopping preview that actually on.

Also why does BBC Alba and BBC Parliament generate errors in the download logs?

Do you mean this: [EPGImport] next Import, source= Rytec UK XMLTV [EPGImport] Downloading: local path: /media/hdd/[EPGImport] after Download /media/hdd/[EPGImport] Using twisted thread!

[EPGImport] unlink /media/hdd/[XMLTVConverter] Enumerating event information Unknown channel: Unknown channel: Clubland Unknown channel: Unknown channel: Unknown channel: Unknown channel: LIVINGPlus2Unknown channel: ITV1Unknown channel: Unknown channel: RTENews Unknown channel: rte1Plus1ie [EPGImport] ### thread is ready ### Events: 162784 Nevertheless both are listed in the channels file: Yes, doglover that is what I am talking about.

A green light will be illuminated on the front panel of the box.