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Been using the Rytec plugin for some time but I've always had problems with the EPG.

Some channels just don't update properly so for example this morning Nat Geo had Python Hunters listed but changing channels to it show that it some shopping preview channel.

Got some more channels that don't have any guide info, they are in International channels: Aastha 1:0:1: D8CC:962:A0000:0:0:0: Brit Asia TV 1:0:1: D744: A34:A0000:0:0:0: Sahara One 1:0:1: CF8:A0000:0:0:0: NDTV 24x7 1:0:9D:807:A0000:0:0:0: South For You 1:0:1: C7B:A0000:0:0:0: MATV National 1:0:1: D41C: A2C:A0000:0:0:0: Imagine Dil Se 1:0:1: D7A0:A0000:0:0:0: Venus TV 1:0:1: C6C9:A0000:0:0:0: I assume it's OK to flag these?

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Now release the “backup” button and the box will go into the “download” mode.

If you can’t see the light illuminated after thirty seconds, repeat the above steps.

Turn off other devices which are connected to the box either by unplugging from the mains or switching them “off”.

Confirm if the Sky HD box and other connected devices are turned “off”.

After the software has been downloaded, the box will switch “off” automatically and the single red light will be illuminated.

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