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When it comes to choosing a partner, does height, shape, girth, length, or even the number on their bank balance really matter? And why all the fuss over slimming down when bigger is often better? " I recently asked a bunch of girlfriends over red wine. I think the 155cm girls should leave the tall guys alone!

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She turned in a short black skirt, boots and “Doc Martin” rattle stone tiles laid on the track.

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A tall guy looks like a leader, and a rich guy looks like a winner. My ex was slightly shorter than me and it was just right. Not trying to be all macho and super male etc, but it's nice to hold your gf and look into her eyes. You want a taller guy, ok, but if he has to pick you up and put you on top of the tele to kiss you, is that still attractive?? I'm 182cm and I've dated shorter men before but they're just not as appealing as taller men. You're right, 'Size, in whatever aspect, forms a significant basis for attraction.