Who has lindsay lohan dating

In a long caption, Je-yong describes that he initially wanted to give money to the child, but that Lohan told him not to. 아이가 너무 귀엽기도 했지만, 순간 지금 시간까지 놀다가 들어가는 내 모습이 이 아이에게는 과연 어떻게 비춰질까하는 생각에 제 모습이 너무 너무 부끄러웠죠 ㅠㅠ 재빨리 지갑에서 돈을 꺼내려고 하는데, Lindsay가 버럭 소리치면서 돈을 주지 말라는 거에요.When he gave the money he had in his wallet to the girl, Lohan snatched it out of the her hands, ostensibly because by giving money to the kid, they would be supporting a system in which children are used as beggars on the street. 그러더니 옆에 아이와 함께 온 할머니에게도 막~ 소리를 지르면서 뭐라고 하길래...아 진짜 이 아이는 진짜 뭐 위,아래도 없구나 라고 순간 생각했죠.

Now, the star splits her time between America and Dubai, and has said that living out in the United Arab Emirates has allowed her to have more of a private life.

Speaking on 'The Wendy Williams Show', she said: "I didn't really know how to have a private life, because I was so young. you can go out and have fun, but it's a different kind of fun that you have." Recently, Lindsay admitted she didn't believe "anyone" could be in a relationship with her at the moment, because of her nomadic lifestyle which sees her travel a lot. I don't think anyone could be in a relationship with me because I'm never there all the time." Lindsay also admitted she does wants to have a family of her own one day, but she is now "focusing on what I really feel I want to do right now and I think is important to me".

Meanwhile, Lindsay admitted last year that turning 30 brought about a change in her approach to life.

The Hollywood star - who has previously battled drug and alcohol addictions - said the landmark moment in her life helped her to realise the importance of giving back to other people who are less fortunate than herself.

워낙 어디로 튈 지 모르는 성격이라 또 막 우리가 이 아이를 같이 키워야된다면서 악의 구렁텅이에서 구원한다고 집으로 데리고 간다는 걸, 잘 타이르고 설득하느라 애는 좀 먹었지만, 수 많은 구설수와 헐리우드 악동이라는 타이틀 이면에 이런 깊은 생각(?