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Now, just after upgrading the system through "freebsd-update upgrade", the same command triggers the "unable to find catalogs error". Give the snapshot a meaningful name, such as including a Support Repository Update (SRU) number.

pkg updating repository catalogue-3pkg updating repository catalogue-45

pkg: Unable to find catalogs # pkg fetch -y pkg Updating repository catalogue The following packages will be fetched: pkg-1.2.1 (100% of 1 MB) 1 MB to be downloaded pkg:

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Once you've got pkg upgraded and the databases etc. My repo config doesn't have a signature line (so it's defaulting to "NONE").

in synch, then you can uncomment the 'signature_type' and run: pkg install -f pkg to force a reinstall with all the required signature checking. But: # pkg update -f Updating repository catalogue 100% 1081KB 1.1MB/s 1.1MB/s 100% 5037KB 4.9MB/s 4.9MB/s Incremental update completed, 23128 packages processed: 22906 packages updated, 365 removed and 222 added.

Message in console:opnsense-update Updating OPNsense repository catalogue...