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, the four-color funnies produced more household names (and beloved friends) than one could ever list: Snoopy, Garfield, Blondie, Hagar, Barney Google, Cathy, and on and on.

That page of the paper isn't what it used to be, however (nor are newspapers).

Is this a comic strip or a bunch of clever graphs and charts?

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There's a reason the book collection of strips is called presents a gag strip that typically focuses on some aspect of gaming's past or present, be it a joke about Super Smash Bros. Cartoonist Katie Tiedrich also occasionally sneaks in a penciled 24-hour comic created on the fly as well. Imagine the dirty but clever sketches drawn by the obnoxious smart-alec back in high school and you wouldn't be far off.

It's purposefully crudely composed, with recurring characters that mock anything they can, including Two Cops (the cop who went through the academy twice), Lazy Cat (a Garfield knock-off with homicidal tendencies), Straub himself, and of course, the eponymous chainsawsuit.

( Karl Kerschl is a Canadian comic book artist who's drawn Superman, Flash, and Teen Titans.

He also won an Eisner Award for his strip about the Bigfoot-esque Charles Christopher, a mute fur-covered man-creature who lives in a forest of talking animals.

For a true comic-strip aficionado, the syndicates that own all the strips are best accessed via online subscriptions.