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It's all worth reading, all the way from the beginning, which was 2000. Crumb underground, if Crumb understood Internet trolls, candy, and the genius of Joe Rogan. Every character is ugly and every strip worth reading.

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For a true comic-strip aficionado, the syndicates that own all the strips are best accessed via online subscriptions.

See Comics if you like the King Features strips, whether it's the classics like Hagar the Horrible or Beetle Bailey, or relative newbies like While there are still a few gems left to be found from the syndicates, there are even more innovative strips out there—strips you'll rarely see in print.

He updates it infrequently, so take the time to go back to the beginning in 2007 and read them all (or buy a book collection).

isn't afraid to take its eyeball-less characters to dark, dark places in three panels, all for the sake of making you shoot milk out your nose.

They also have to deal with a talking cactus and a ghost cat always crying "DOOOOOOOM." Both are much cuter than they sound. Antimony Carver attends the school and, over the course of 50 chapters extending back to 2005, has grown more and more involved in what happens there and the mystical woods outside.