South park dating sim demo

, has recently made a deal with Namco Bandai to take his already video game centric creativity to an actual video game, the dating sim Namco High.

Namco High will presumably allow Hussie to take his ability to make fans ship any and every character pairing to a whole new level, as he creates a game that will center around dating various video game characters.

For fans, this may be a disappointment, as the unbelievable number of characters in the massive webcomic would certainly make for their own exciting, if not completely perplexing and alternate universe ridden, dating sim.

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This is still a few weeks off, but just keep that in mind.

:) I would like to thank my beta testers for taking the time to play through this monster of a game! To everyone who took the time to answer our earlier poll, thank you!

Even the art style has been altered to reflect that. I don’t need MLA or APA format, but if there are errors, I really need beta testers to take excellent notes so I can find and correct these errors. Have an eye for consistency both in terms of story and graphics. There are a number of endings and each path is pretty lengthy. Most of the time, if it’s something I can easily fix I will do so, just understand I am unfortunately a single unit organization.6. You won't have to restart your computer or download anything too big! Basically, everyone ought to exercise healthy precautions!

If I’m going to ask you guys to play a game, you are darn tooting I’m going to put in all I’ve got to make it a game worth paying, dagnabit! The game is nearly ready for a second round of beta testing. I currently have seven spots available, so first come first serve. I’m only human and much of this game is written out of order. Be pretty good at catching grammar and spelling mistakes. I am asking for reports a week after I send out download links. If the site you are downloading from seems shady, be weary. So long as you trust the person/site you get this DLL from, all should be well. Earning money for school took top priority these last few months, and side projects (Like Lovestruck! BUT I never forgot about it, and I am happy to tell you all that Lovestruck is officially in closed Beta!

The game was originally set to be published by THQ, however, their closure prompted Ubisoft to purchase the publishing rights.

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