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She comes from a family who isn’t really Americans; her mother was from Argentina and her father came from the Italian town of ‘Taurasi’.

From the very beginning of her life, she was brought up to be ashamed of nothing and that is what she applied in life being the tallest in her group which was a bit hard for her at some times.

straight year, but the ‘Phoenix’ failed to hold the trophy that year as well.

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She attended Don Antonia Lugo High School and she was a local star as soon as she stepped in.

Diana was the one who received the ‘2000 Cheryl Miller Award’ presented by LA Times to the greatest player in the whole Southern California.

Even with wins, they had to suffer from losses as well and they didn’t qualify for the playoffs.

However, she managed to win the WNBA ‘Rookie of the Year Award’ and made her way to the ‘Western Conference All-Star Team’.

Diana attended Don Antonio Lugo High School and University of Connecticut (UConn).

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