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As Detective Chief Inspector Murray Duffin, of the Scotland Yard Extradition and Intelligence Unit, has warned: 'Britain is becoming a magnet for increasing numbers of criminals from the former Eastern bloc countries which are now members of the EU.' Notably, the number of fugitives being sought by Poland has soared 14-fold since 2004, when the country joined the EU and its citizens were allowed to live in Britain.

The Warsaw police now send a charter plane to Britain every month to pick up their countrymen wanted for killings, rape, robbery, burglary, drugs and theft.

'Inevitably, some are running away from their own justice system,' explained the police officer.

But as we shall see, this is not only extraordinarily complicated and time-consuming, it is very often doomed to failure. In the year to April, Britain received more than 3,500 requests from foreign countries for the return of their criminals.

More than 150 were suspected or convicted murderers.

They want to quiz him and if charged he will be put on trial. Which is why, just 24 hours after police took him into custody in Milton Keynes, Asztalos found himself in the dock of England's extradition court in the London borough of Westminster.

The slow process of trying to send him home to face the police had just begun.

Many have arrived here illicitly, smuggling themselves into Britain hidden in lorries arriving from Calais, Dunkirk and Boulogne, or on trains through the Channel tunnel.