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Again, very location based, why that is, I do not know.The night life, however, is more than what you'd expect for a country that is 99% Muslim.

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They usually hang around in the nightclubs found at hotels or major tourist destinations. French-Morrocon/Moroccon-french girls are much more easier. My friend went to Agadir , met a moroccon girl (P4p) at one of the bigger nightclubs, took her to the hotel complex, but the hotel clerck noticed them coming inn; 5 minutes later the security guy was at his door almost tearing the fucking door down, and threw the girl out.

You will find many good clubs in Morocco (I heard that Marakech is the place to go), but moroccon girls there DTF are mostly prostitutes. The country can easily become tiring; there is always somebody trying to rip you off and alot hassel, and hussling. People always coming up to me trying to sell me shit (from drugs to virgins) or begging for money, at cafes, in the street, even on the beach.

Hi All, I found the link below that shows a large number of pics of girls in various clubs in Morocco.

Can anyone that has been tell me are the clubs mentioned part of the mongering scene although I expect from what I have read that any Moroccan girl in any of the clubs are available or this might be just talk and are the pics a good example of the quality of girls available.

(Moroccans make better pizza than Americans, go figure...) She was a combo of Berber-French.