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A: In terms of frequency, this may well be the question that trumps all others.

A number of "theories" have been suggested as to the meaning of the band name; some less savory than others.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s he was involved in Apocrypha, a metal band that released three albums on the Shrapnel label between 19. Later in the decade Tony was also involved in a cover band called "Love Shack" and a group called Majik Alex; though no records were released. A: This tends to be an issue that still proves to be a bone of contention among fans to this day.

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Brad Hargreaves was involved with a number of jazz projects; including albums by Vijay Iyer.

Arion Salazar and Kevin Cadogan were both involved in numerous minor bands starting in their teenage years.

A: Typically through a ticket outlet or a venue's box office.

Recently, the "Events" page on the official Third Eye Blind website has contained links to allow tickets for specific concerts to be purchased online. A: Traditionally, backstage passes are reserved for venue employees and crew members, and are sporadically distributed to fans via radio station contests and the like.

The unceremoneous firing supposedly came as a result of a popular vote among the other three band members, and new (and onetime) Third Eye Blind member Tony Fredianelli fulfilled guitar duties in the band from that point on.