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In addition to turning your phone into a dash cam, it also has integrated GPS navigation functionality.Some dash cams come with built-in GPS to prove where a particular accident happened, but they don't actually provide directions like a real GPS unit.

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Some dash cam apps compare more favorably to various hardware types of dashboard cameras than others, and there are even some apps that provide functionality that you can't get from a physical device.

For instance, some dash cam apps are actually capable of tying into an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner for a totally different experience from anything you can get out of a hardware dash cam.

You may even be able to have a small picture-in-picture view of Auto Guard in the corner while in other apps, depending on your hardware.

One of the main problems with dash cam apps versus hardware devices is that you have to set the app up every time.

The included ratings are from the Google Play Store and represent actual user opinions on the functionality and value of each app.