Who is john paul lavoisier dating

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Adriana showed up and Rex was like, “It’s not what you think.” It was justified, because Rex heard her talking to her mom about how he was a bad guy but misunderstood. Weekly: One would think this feud with Dorian that will keep him dark. Since dating me she has decided to try and pick up the game.

Nonetheless, Rex did screw around with somebody else. Lavoisier: I would love for Dorian to keep doing things to Rex so he could do bad stuff to her, and have this huge battle with Adriana caught in the middle. She has her own set of clubs that she only gets out a handful of times a year.

Why do you think they're having such a tough time burying the hatchet?

soapcentral.com: In an interview you did with soapcentral.com's founder, Dan Kroll, when you first joined the show, you were surprised to find out that Philip is technically only about 20 years old.

sister Melissa Archer, and former on-screen love interest Jessica Morris!