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Acting for the camera can also be technically difficult, but the really good ones are able to let go of the camera and the lights and the dozens of people standing around watching you and still be honest and simple. Vicki: Speaking of the camera, the breadth of your TV roles and guest appearances is quite impressive. I absolutely loved working with Julia Louis-Dreyfus on “Christine.” She is flat out hysterical but generous enough to leave room in the scene for her fellow actors.

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Letscher later joined the cast of Joey, and also landed recurring roles on The New Adventures of Old Christine, as well as numerous guest-starring roles.

After appearing in Towelhead, Letscher was cast in Eli Stone; despite low ratings, the drama-comedy series acquired loyal fans and critical acclaim, earning it a second season, which included a larger role for Letscher.

His performance in Good Morning, Miami, however, led to him being cast as a lead in the film Straight-Jacket, about a homosexual Hollywood actor.

This also led to him being cast in the leading role of Capt.

Letscher portrayed murderous stalker and abductor Vincent Shyer, who appeared in the Season One episode Broken Mirror.