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Seriously, I really want to know because a couple of months ago I still believed that Burma and Myanmar are two different countries (yes, I’m an idiot).

I mean, I met dozens of guys who had Thai or Filipina girlfriends, but I never met a guy who introduced me to his Burmese girlfriend.

But don’t ask me about the different color, consistency, and ways to apply it. He’s a retired Diplomat, has a beautiful Burmese wife and he’s pissed that he can’t get a retirement visa.

You can ask the Burmese girls you’ll chat with.​At least not if you approach them on the street. In case you think that Thai girls are shy when you approach them in public, you’ve never approached a girl on the streets of Mandalay.“There’s a 50% chance that she has an affair with her employer and there’s a 99% chance that his wife and their three poster children don’t know it. Some men would do anything to hide their skeletons in their closet.”I thanked him for the advice.​Myanmar girls are very traditional, but their government is quite liberal, at least when it comes to dating. However, he’s more than happy that his wife is such a traditional and light-hearted woman.

The men are talking to the men and the women are talking to the women.

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