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He sent me the address via email and I arrived at about 7 pm.I enjoyed our conversation, the food, and the beauty of his Burmese wife…who’s at least 20 years younger than him., their traditional values, how he met his wife 16 years ago, and that he still can’t understand why Thailand gets all the male attention while Myanmar gets ignored.

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that it doesn’t help against acne, aging, and sunlight. That’s the whole secret.”​A couple of months ago I visited Chiang Mai.

Sometimes the women use it to display their social hierarchy. Then I took a flight to Mandalay to check off Myanmar from my bucket list and to meet one of my readers.

According to him, dating Myanmar girls is like a beautiful secret that nobody knows about.

Here’s what his 16 years of experience taught him…​I have to be honest.

I mean, if you date a Filipina and you want to marry her, you have to remember that it’s illegal to get a divorce. He’s also a bit jealous because nowadays the girls speak better English…and wait for us on online dating sites.

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