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All data can be stored in Tagove servers or a desired client location.

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Our job is to create products that allows us to conduct these rich interactions online whilst keeping the fidelity and productivity of an in person interaction.” – Denis Mars Though it is still in beta mode and have some compatibility issues, I can still bet it will make a relief to people who don’t love to go through sign-up and software hassles for a simple video chat.

Some of my contacts suggest, the app has some issues while running on a Linux computer, though I find no problem using it on Windows or Mac. In the next upgrade will be offering file sharing and screen sharing. For all the right reasons, it’s definitely worth a try.

Skype is probably the most popular video-chatting software out there. Now people use “video-chatting” and “Skyping” interchangeably whether they’re using Skype specifically or not.

Skype’s originally proposed name was “Sky Peer-to-Peer” which then became what we know today as Skype.

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