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Grants 75% Movement Speed when moving towards enemies or enemy turrets for 4 seconds. Guard allies within 175 units of you, and allies you target with spells for 2.5s.

Once near an enemy (or after 4 seconds) a shockwave is emitted, slowing nearby enemy champion Movement Speed by 75% for 2 second(s) (90 second cooldown). While Guarding, if you or the ally take damage, both of you gain a shield and are hasted for 1.5s.

Killing a minion heals the owner and the nearest allied champion for 50 Health ( 2% missing health) and grants them kill Gold. Damage: 40 - 140 ( 3.5% of your maximum health)Cooldown: 20s Dealing physical damage grants 20 movement speed for 2 seconds.

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