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Not in all the schools yet, but we've done that in one of the schools already and have plans to do that in the other two schools as well.

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Our shelves are full of recommendations made by our booksellers and members of our Teen Press Corps.

Come hang out, grab a book and settle into a bean bag chair.

Teens are the population group least likely to wear their seat belts.

It should come as no surprise to learn that most of the teens killed in car crashes were not wearing seat belts.

Knoxville Police Chief Ron Poyner said the teen was "pretty remorseful" and Poyner thought the incident "was probably something that surprised (the teen) with how big it got and how far it got."When asked about the incident following Monday night's school board meeting, Knoxville District 202 Superintendent Steve Wilder confirmed a student had confessed over the weekend."After talking with Knoxville police, we're very confident the confession is genuine, so now we will review the events from last Wednesday and follow our policies on how to handle that," Wilder said.