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Victoria takes Toff off to re-tie her apron bow, lest people think she is chaste.

Sophie then tells Fred that she's not that bothered about his sausage, which is a shame as they'd have beautifully Nordic-looking children.

As if by magic, as Liv and Louise discuss said 'reg rogering', Alik walks past with Proudlock.

Being that he is easing himself out of the fashion world he can't help but remark on Louise's choker, which is denim and matches her coat.

Wow: Louise is blindsided by the fact that Alik stands before her and splutters out some words before Alik and Proudlock walk off, slagging the aforementioned choker like a pair of disgruntled seamstresses Ready for drama: Alik then has a night out with the boys to celebrate his return, but this is ruined because Mytton tells Jamie that he told Harry to 'go for it' with Frankie' while Harry was in his busty painting suit Jamie is FURIOUS at this and Mytton insists that he did it so that Frankie would move on and not try to tempt Jamie back to her.