Consolidating audio files logic

DAWs do pretty much the same job, but they all work slightly differently: they may use different plug‑in protocols (TDM and RTAS plug‑ins for Pro Tools, Audio Units, VST or even Direct X for others); they may offer different amounts of gain above unity; and the implementation of audio and MIDI routing, of automation, VCA grouping, or the way they handle multi‑output virtual instruments or crossfades may also differ.

That's the way we usually work at SOS with our Mix Rescue projects, for example.

As long as you use a standard, uncompressed audio file type such as WAV, BWF or AIFF, any DAW will be able to read these files — so even if you don't plan to transfer your projects, it's a good practice to archive them in this way after you've completed the project.

Pro Tools tells me that “The current playback engine does not support a sample rate of…” I can’t find the Audio Units/Plugin manager in Logic Pro X.

Exporting a project from one DAW to another can be frustrating — but there are ways and means...

We're often asked how to transfer projects from one software DAW to another.