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If the total track count is allowed by the version of PT you are using (24 for PT Free, 32 for PT LE), the session should open as normal.If the track count exceeds the limit, a window will open, telling you what tracks have been left out, and you will want to save this info.

consolidating audio files logic-3

Depending on which DAW (and version) you use, bouncing the files may appear a daunting process.

Previous versions of Cubase, for example, required you to bounce each track separately, which could take an eternity with a large project; and if you're working with analogue gear, or on Pro Tools, you'll be limited to bouncing tracks in real time — which can be frustrating with long projects (a 20‑minute radio drama, for example).

I prefer to bounce two versions: one pre‑fader (pre effects and level automation); and another post‑fader, with effects and processors 'printed'.

That way, whatever changes in technology come along, you'll be able to re‑open the project in any multitrack software.

Many DAWs also offer some form of 'consolidate' function (as it's called in Pro Tools).

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