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The molecular dialogue that occurs between the implanting conceptus and the endometrium involves cell-cell and cellextracellular matrix interactions, mediated by lectins, integrins, matrix degrading enzymes and their inhibitors, prostaglandins, and a variety of growth factors, cytokines, and angiogenic peptides, their receptors and modulatory proteins.

It is likely that each of these, when appropriately expressed or inhibited, contributes to endometrial receptivity or non-receptivity to an implanting conceptus.

These changes in pinopode expression may reflect shifts in the window of receptivity, resulting in ovo-endometrial asynchrony and limiting implantation success in in-vitro fertilization.

Key words: endometrial pinopodes/implantation/IVF/nidation window/uterine receptivity Citation Context ..a commercially available urine kit (Ovu Quick, Quidel, San Diego, CA, USA), and validated by dates of onset of the next menstrual period and histological dating according to morphological criteria (=-=Noyes et al., 1950-=-). Implantation in humans is a complex process that involves embryo apposition and attachment to the maternal endometrial epithelium, traversing adjacent cells of the epithelial lining, and invasion into the endometrial stroma.

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