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People were very open and willing to talk to us on camera.It probably helped that they saw that we were the ones filming with 5Ds. I think if we were just standing on the sidelines documenting and saying “Look at these people! So we threw ourselves in there and were willing to do what it took to really live there and try the job and show what it felt like in a very intimate way. Filmmaker: In the first episode, there is an emphasis placed on how little the women earn — they’re forced to pay out the bartender, the DJ, men who observe the scene from the comfort of a removed perspective. In the edit we realized that all those perspectives needed to be there to really show what it’s like to do that line of work, even though we are the ones driving the story. Also we didn’t meet the girls one on one until we were there for five or six days.

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) We were brainstorming ways to make money quick and I mentioned stripping, just as a joke initially, ’cause I could never see myself being able to actually do that job… But then we both started thinking that this could be a really interesting experience to document.

Alexandra Roxo: It started as just an idea to go to this one location but then it evolved as we started thinking about all kinds of different women’s jobs and roles and if we could show them through our artistic vision, put ourselves on the line to demonstrate that, then perhaps it would be interesting and would show a different glimpse into what it’s like to do this type of work, rather than just making a straight up doc about these women as an outsider.

But in the end the girls really opened up to us and became our friends during that time.

Filmmaker: From a purely technical perspective, how are you juggling the wide cast of characters with a documentary approach?

Yet, if you're anything like us, you can't seem to get enough.