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She never expected they would hear about it from anyone else."These are child welfare files that I thought were under lock and key," Anna Courtoreille said.

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The audit identified that six employees from the North Peace Tribal Council had accessed Courtoreille's files.

But it couldn't determine who had created and sent the anonymous letter.

I want an explanation why," she said, adding the privacy breach still causes her pain, hurt and shame every day.

In a statement provided to CBC News Sunday by Aaron Manton in the Ministry of Children's Services, the province describes what happened as a "malicious misuse of an Albertan's private information." It's rare when intentional privacy breaches happen the statement explained but when they do "we take additional steps to protect the compromised information, such as freezing access to that specific information, and use tools within our case management system to identify the individuals involved," the statement said.

The information contained in the letter dated back to a time she was a young mother living in the Beaver First Nation's Child Lake community, east of High Level.