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Nevertheless, phone sex should not be confused with prostitution wherein money is exchanged for real life sexual services or physical interaction.

The editor of High Society magazine, Gloria Leonard, is credited with being one of the first people to use "976 numbers", then "900 numbers" for promotional purposes and soon as a revenue stream in the adult industry.

The children inherited the genetic traits of both their parents, and could also inherit Force-sensitivity.

While most individuals exhibited male-to-female attraction, a significant minority of the galactic population exhibited male-to-male, female-to-female, or male-to-male/female attraction.

Most beings in the galaxy belonged to one of two sexes, or genders—namely male or female—which determined sexual and physiological traits.

However, more than four genders existed throughout the galaxy.

Leonard recorded her own voice informing callers of the contents of the next issue of High Society magazine before its publication.