Sex dating in philomath georgia

Sexual assault can be a very traumatic experience that may cause the survivor to experience a wide range of thoughts and emotions, even long after the assault occurs.

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Potential violations or individuals reported to the EOO are investigated per the procedures found in the University System of Georgia’s Student Sexual Misconduct Policy, the Code of Conduct, and/or the NDAH Policy.

Due process rights of the victim and accused individual are observed throughout the course of the investigation, resolution and appeal of an allegation of sexual misconduct.

If it is determined that a violation of policy has occurred, disciplinary action may be taken, up to and including the expulsion of the offender.

The severity of any disciplinary action will depend on the frequency or severity of the offense and the history of past misconduct by the accused.

For more information, see the Code of Conduct at https://edu/content_page/code-of-conduct and the University System of Georgia’s Sexual Misconduct Policy at https://edu/policies/student-sexual-misconduct-policy.