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An international portal about transgender male to female.

Rates and reviews of the best and modern dating site for westerner transex and Asian ladyboys.

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Continue reading I'm not ashamed to say and show that I'm a Ladyboy Lover, and I'm Digital Traveler.

Since my teenage, I'm fascinated by the exotic beauty of the Far Orient and its Third Gender Women, and in Aisa is where I found my happiness.

Read my story here Are you planning to travel in Asia to date ladyboys ?

What about organising your trip with your future ladyboy girlfriend or companionship for your stay?

We do not discriminate and our goal is to support the TS/TG community fully.

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    How on earth could this be happening to me, a Pilates professional when the very credo of Pilates is "It is the will that controls the body"! Thanks to an incredibly patient husband, an amazing network of people to help keep my Pilates studio running and the time off from work to gather my thoughts, I landed in a peaceful place of acceptance and from there was actually able to see the blessing in what was occurring.

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