Dhcp address not updating in dns

Delete the computer account (PC1) from the Active directory compute names (of the old laptop) 2.Configured my brand new laptop with same computer name (PC1) and joined to domain 3.There are a few different approaches, so let’s talk about each.

The new laptop does show in the event log that the DNS server does not allow the laptop to register the record (because there's an existing record?

I have changed IP addresses from dynamic to static in Network Connection properties of 3 Windows XP machine.

And it will likely stay this way for at least 6 days using the defaults for DNS scavenging outlined above. With the IP address, we make no assumption about which client we’re connecting to (which is why we have to negotiate NTLM in the first place). Some of you might be thinking that it should work when using the FQDN as well. Not quite, I won’t go into the details here, but it’s only if we fail to negotiate Kerberos that we will fall back to NTLM.

You can read more about it So now that we understand that this issue is related to stale DNS records, let’s discuss how we can prevent the problem from happening in the first place.

You could search through DNS easily enough, but why not use Power Shell?