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The record shows, however, that two of the twelve Monitoring Committee members, including the vice chairperson, were originally nominated for the Citizens' Committee by the Caldwell group.If oral contact is deemed necessary by the district court, the parties should, where possible, be given notice and opportunity to be present when the oral report is received.

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Louis County, Missouri, to intervene on appeal for the purpose of filing a petition for rehearing or rehearing en banc is granted.

Upon remand, the district court held that the State defendants are "primarily constitutional wrongdoers who have abdicated their affirmative remedial duty" concerning the segregated St.

The State of Missouri vigorously contends that it should have no part in paying for the costs of integration because its actions did not violate the Constitution.667 F.2d 643 Craton LIDDELL, a Minor, et al., Appellants,and Mary Puleo, Gerard Puleo, Emma Dannenberg, Robin Dannenberg, Louis Reineri and Mary Anjela Reineri,representing the "Involved Citizens Committee"United States of America, Appellee,v.

c) To develop and submit to the Court by November 1, 1980, a suggested plan of inter-district school desegregation necessary to eradicate the remaining vestiges of government-imposed school segregation in the City of St.

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