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In general, Chinese think blacks are poor and uneducated compared to them and especially compared to white people, but more sophisticated Chinese might see a black American are slightly higher status.

I have had Chinese change their opinion of me in mid-conversation when I was in a group with white ex-pats.

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This all comes down to money and status, the only things that mean much to most Mainland Chinese in 2015.

I would say all majority Chinese countries I have lived in are money and status obsessed in comparison to Japan or most Western nations, so it is more a issue of "degree and not kind"..my estimation Taiwan is the least so, Singapore, then Hong Kong, and Mainland China is the worst (especially the Eastern Coastal Cities), this matters, because if Chinese think you have no money or status you will not be treated very well by many people.

More importantly I do not look like Beyonce, I look far more like a West African, so on sight I am considered black in China, and often assumed to be from Africa.

I lived in Mainland China (I spent 6 months in Chengdu and lived in Shanghai twice, for a combined 1.5 years). I'm in a hurry so this will be more a stream of consciousness, but I think this will give you an accurate view.

If the schools taught properly, as in Europe, there would not be a market for all these BS prep schools to begin with.