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Labatt's was purchased in 1995 by the Belgian company Interbrew (now part of Brazilian-Belgian Anheuser-Busch In Bev, the world's largest brewing company) and Molson merged with US company Coors in 2005 to create Molson Coors, now the world's fifth largest brewing company.

With the purchase of Sleeman Breweries, the largest remaining Canadian brewer, in 2006 by the Japanese owned Sapporo Brewery, Canada’s beer production has been mainly under the control of foreign multinationals.

In other words: non-jock men and young women, who traditionally haven’t been courted by beer marketers." This makes it understandable that the major Canadian brewers have been acquiring small, local breweries.

According to writer Stephen Beaumont (in his book Stephen Beaumont’s Great Canadian Beer Guide) beer is an important aspect of the stereotypical Canadian.

It was only in the late twentieth century that there has been a revival in craft brewers and microbreweries.