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Anyway, hop off the bus on Fransuski Boulevard near the Chkalovsky Sanatorium and follow your……nose……down to the beach. No, I don’t mean he has “street urchins” outside the door of the restaurant saying “Spare us a penny Mister – cor blimey Mister…you’re a proper gent, you are ‘n no mistake” as that would be going a little to far……and probably bad for business too.

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17/03/2009 – Whilst writing this particular blog, the lyrics from a certain song by the Stanglers is going through my head for some reason……”Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches”……can’t think why!! I say indirectly, as the beach is named after the Chkalovsky Sanatorium nearby…..which is named after the said pilot……I know, I know, stop wittering and show us some pics. I’m no Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary genius makes my rambling blog seem “elementary”…….I am only a bloody builder after all. When you get onto Polskiy Spuskiy…….well, you don’t have to be “Sherlock” to find it!!

Well Odessa has one and Odessa’s nudist beach is called Chkalovsky….named indirectly after the Soviet air force pilot.

Known for its beaches, therapeutic resorts and 19th-century buildings, it is a popular destination among tourists, being one of the most visited cities in Ukraine.

Population: 1 million inhabitants Main attractions: Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre, City Garden, Odessa Archaeological Museum, Shevchenko Park, Avenue of Stars, Transfiguration Cathedral, Potemkin Stairs or Steps, Hretska Square, Odessa Catacombs, Dumskaya Square, Vorontsov Lighthouse, Primorsky Boulevard, Independence Square, Humorina parade (on the first of April) along Deribasovskaya Street Nearest Airports: Odessa International Airport (ODS), 7 km southwest from the city centre Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the live streaming webcams to have a glimpse of the city action.

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