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I'm 5'5" size 10 and wouldn't think a tall guy would be into me because I'm smallish and curvy and tall guys can have skinny 5'10 size 6 supermodel types and still be taller than them .

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If someone is very good-looking and looks like they spend a little too much time in the gym then it's prob a turn off for me.

Not that fitness is a turn off, cos I'm a big fan of the gym and exercise in general, but I'd prob stereotype a man like that (wrong, I know!

I'm 6ft4 myself and my younger brother is an inch taller.

We usually go out drinking together and are both broad build, not fat, muscly, just stocky.

Having long legs is both an advantage and a disadvantage: men have something to look at, but having long legs sometimes makes shopping quite difficult for women. If there is one perk of being tall, it is that men find it easier to notice tall girls.