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I haven't heard anything about "Pure" here in the States. I'd like to see him in a role so different from Tommy Q. I know you had to do a little voice work for Instant Star today, but otherwise do you have some time to ease back into your acting schedule? Montreal does all the movies, Toronto does all the series' and Vancouver does all the movies of the week. Before we get into Instant Star, I'd like to talk about a couple of your film roles. And he wants to shoot this film, he's offering you this part, and it shoots in Iran.' For an hour, I was like, "what do you mean Iran? ' But that's where it was, and I had literally six days to make up my mind and then I just realized, you know what? I went there, and it was the most life-changing experience I think I could ever have. They're covered, and they just don't have many rights. The other big rumor about you, of course, is that you and Alexz are dating. When you were a teenager, whose posters did you have pinned to your wall or hidden under your bed?

I wish he'd do a romantic comedy or something like that. Is there anyone you guys would like to see TR costar with? I think he's adorable and he could do romantic comedies or even thrillers. It may have been on the boards before FF went down, but just in case other people didn't see it here it is. The first week I got back I booked a movie in Montreal. I'm starting a film there, and I can't even tell you the title, because I don't remember. I'm never going to get this chance to do that again. That was hard to deal with, because I couldn't say anything. I'd never be in trouble, but the women would be if I tried to protect them.

I mean, that's who he has to be talking about when he says "crazy people," right?

Imagine if this was 2009 - this shizz would literally break the internet.

Tim Rozon is straight and is one of the manliest men in the world.