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Season Two of Instant Star begins Friday, February 10th, at PM ET on The N. If you haven't been watching, we've provided a handy rundown of Season One.

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Found these and thought it would brighten up the thread. From here: Pop Gurls Interview: Instant Star's Tim Rozon Written by Amanda Tim Rozon should be the guy your mother warned you about. You know, I was out in the jungle, I was kayaking, I was climbing volcanoes, I was horseback riding, nothing bad happened. I auditioned the first or second day I got back and booked it pretty fast. There's no way I'm going to be in that part of the world ever again. The script was tough to get at first because he was totally Iranian, this guy, and he had transcribed it in broken English. Let's go.' And I just left, and ended up being there for almost four months. But other than that it was such an eye-opening, life-changing experience that, I don't know...

He's got messy dark hair, wears jeans in the absolute best way, and can go from brooding intensity to teasing flirtatiousness in the blink of an eye. She volunteers, she's a teacher, so I went there to hang out with her and help out. I got on a shuttle bus to leave from Monterrico to Antigua, sat down on a chair, and there was a scorpion on my chair. But it was one of these non-venomous kinds of scorpions, so I passed out for two hours and then I was fine. But I got the gist of it, and it was really spiritual and beautiful.

So it's a movie about that rave scene, and it's about this girl and I play her ex-boyfriend. They weren't just into the party, they were into the techno, and they loved it. Do you know if there are plans to distribute Pure in the U. Maybe a coming of age story - a character that grows and builds like that, and comes from somewhere hard and can overcome something. Has their enthusiasm spilled off the Internet into your real life? The weirdest thing that ever happened to me is that a mom jumped in front of my car, and then put her daughter on the cell phone. That was me, before grunge made it popular to be that guy. Then again, maybe I imagined the whole thing *Stacy*: It is a GREAT article, though!

The biggest thing was the after-hours parties, and everyone with their glow sticks and the whole thing. To me it's just a glorified drug culture, it's nothing I'd want to be a part of. But the people were really passionate about the music, so I'll give them that. Maybe you can't see it right on the surface, but it's there underneath. You've mentioned that episode nine of the upcoming season is one of your favorites. Instant Star has brought you lots of young, eager fans. If they want to come talk to me, then I've got all the time in the world to talk to them. You know that quiet, sensitive kid who plays guitar? I thought there was a problem with posting the entire article to the board and it ended up being turned into a link to its original site.

I mean, that's who he has to be talking about when he says "crazy people," right?

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    No confirmation has been provided about the release date or Tucker’s participation as of yet.

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    For Season 12, Abdul and Derulo came on board, and for the most recent season “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation,” which focused on kid contestants, teenage dancer Maddie Ziegler was also a judge.