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When Nightwing left the Titans for a short time in order to find himself, Tim followed him and after helping Dick solve a mystery at Haly's Circus, was able to convince Dick that Batman needed help.However, where Dick intended to help Batman as Nightwing, Tim remained convinced that Batman needed Robin more.After reports claimed the duo had called it quits, a source who knows them both, exclusively told PEOPLE the entertainers were never in an official relationship.

Robin performed a quadruple somersault, a rare maneuver that only a Flying Grayson could do.

After learning Grayson was the ward of Bruce Wayne, he came to the conclusion that Grayson was Robin and that of course Wayne was Batman.

Unfortunately, Janet and Jack both drank water laced with poison, and Janet died, while Jack was left in a coma.

Batman began to reconsider Tim for the role of Robin, due to his fear that Tim was now motivated by anger, just as Jason had been.

On the latter, he references his former flame Jennifer Lopez. Lo / A Rotterdam trip had me on front page, though,” the 31-year-old raps, possibly addressing a Jan.