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If I had a daughter I would not allow her to dance this way!That women come together to do this dance for fun is one thing, but children should not attend these sessions." To help educate people on the traditions of the now adult Senegalese dance and also to restore its nobility, Seynabou Diop, a former dancer with the internationally acclaimed Tour Kunda group, has decided to create her own dance school.According to her, "what we are witnessing today is striptease.

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But 23 year old Issa, an engineering graduate, begs to differ. The "Leumbeul" has become so popular in recent times that it is now being danced in nightclubs where contests are often held.

"I don’t think we should take this whole thing too seriously! The dancers, who are sometimes given attractive sums of money by tourists, rip off their clothes to reveal all their secrets as they dance.

The "Sabar bou graw" video is a stark reminder of the "Ndeye Gueye" case in 2007, where a video of the same ilk depicted a Senegalese dancer doing the "Leumbeul" with almost no clothes on at a party.

The case had ended in court where three women and five men were found guilty for contempt of public decency and obscenity.

The video shows a host of Sabar contests organized by communities of women who practice the more revealing type of the "Leumbeul" dance. Known to bring women together, to dance and play to the sound of drums, Sabar has been part of the Senegalese culture since time immemorial.