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plus Gwynnie-like Cleansing Fasts Premise: Twelve overweight contestants compete to see who can consume the least amount of calories per day without fainting.

The weekly challenges consist of tasks like “interacting with others without snapping at them” and “walking down the street.” The drama culminates with weekly weigh-ins, attended by contestants’ ex-boyfriends and -girlfriends. plus Kinky Sex Premise: Eight busty single women race around the country in RVs, pursuing true love.

After my partner died, I thought to myself: ‘Online dating is the modern way to go.’ I was pretty certain I would soon find my ideal person, somebody clever, witty, good-looking, successful, excellent company, open to new ideas, well-read and with a sense of purpose in life.

If I’m looking for him, he must be looking for me, I reasoned.

Host: Bret Michaels, who takes all runners-up onto his bus. Host: Wee Man plus Exotic Snacks Premise: The heart-wrenching stories of six people who are obese owing to their addictions to chocolate and candy, and are confronted by their family members and former lovers who prefer savory to sweet.