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'I wanted to create something that everyone could be a part of, giving consumers the opportunity to sit on the front row and have the chance to walk in a show alongside well-known faces.'Models including Leomie Anderson, Raff Law and Vivienne Westwood’s granddaughter Cora Corre walked in the show alongside street cast faces and JD consumers.

Hailey said: 'The models were a mix of high fashion models, well-known names, street cast faces and JD consumers who are looking for their first break in fashion.

Red Sox fans would not exactly jump for joy if the team signed Darvish considering that a big bat is the ultimate need and starting pitcher is the least of their worries.

But if things continue to get messy with Scott Boras, Dave Dombrowski might just throw up his hands and go for the next big fish on the market – in this case, Darvish.

She layered a pair of shorts boasting the classic adidas stripe underneath a pair of matching tracksuit bottoms, and added an edgy touch by wearing a pair of black leather heeled boots.